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What InReceipts offer

Works with All POS

InReceipts merchant side technology has been tested with all Point-of-Sales (POS) platform and Thermal printer, click, install & initialise. No integration required. POS Independent

InReceipts Cloud Infra

InReceipts cloud infra allows retailers reduce costs, gather accurate customer information, build brand awareness, and develop targeted marketing strategies.


Mini POS that fits all retail businesses

InReceipts Mini-POS works with any business, be it 1 store or over 100. It works on any platform be it a Android phone, Computer, tablet or a Mac

APIs for Mobile Wallets, E-tailers

Enable omni channel strategy with InReceipts and enable digital receipts for your entire marketplace merchants and show the purchase receipts in your branded mobile app with easy integration of InReceitps rest APIs

Discover great features

Turn every purchaser into a loyal customer.

Power your POS - Go Digital Go Mobile

Convert your POS into an omni channel touchpoint. The innovative patentable inReceipts POS client tested with all POS and receipts printers. No integration required. POS Independent

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Power your consumer with receipts - Make relation & win hearts

Tell your customers to use inReceipts apps and get all the purchase receipts on their mobile phone. Contribute to digital india and go paperless

Contextual Targeting - SoLoMo

Go digital with inReceipts and send contextual Pre & Post purchase offers, videos, barcode coupons. The segmentation can be attributed on various parameters e.g location, transaction metadata, day time. Reach your customers at any time and place using the power of push notifications. Incentivize your customers to promote your business on their Facebook and Twitter profiles


Run Cashback & Loyalty

Create your own Cashback & Loyalty Rewards Club. Everything a Small Business Needs to Go Mobile. Create a loyalty program for multiple stores or businesses Robust Loyalty for chains, franchises and shopping malls Run a loyalty program for a business district, neighborhood or town. Identify your most valuable customers with Transaction Overviews and reward them in proportion to what they actually spend.

Mobile Wallet Payments

InReceipts enables easy wallet payment without any extra charge on Customer or Merchants. Accept India's top mobile payment solution at your store with InReceipts. Give one of the fastest-growing payments methods to your customer base at no additional cost.


Data Analytics

Powerful Analytics to optimize your campaigns based on Members Activity and Engagement, Product Purchased and Brand Purchased. Promote deals, limited offers and happy hours. Activate deals on a specific calendar date, weekday or even time of day.

Light weight and low cost Mini POS

InReceipts Mini-POS works with any business, be it 1 store or over 100.It works on any platform be it a Android phone, Computer, tablet or a Mac.


InReceipts, How it Works


Installation doc Step 1

Customer transacts with retailer

Consumer gets receipts automatically on the app

Step 2

Win exciting offers & deals with InReceipts

Get your shopkeeper promise and win exciting offers, deals and coupons.

Step 3

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